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Eight developments new capital

eight developments

Eight developments new capital

Eight developments new capital launches its fifth project in the new capital city, specifically in the Downtown area

the strip mall new capital 2022

location of eight newest project

Why did the company choose the Downtown area?

Downtown or what is known as MU19 is a huge investment area with an area of ​​1364 acres and divided into 5 neighborhoods. Downtown will also include shopping centers and major commercial activities in various fields, administrative towers in the Downtown neighborhood, corporate areas in all disciplines, gardens of various designs, and medical units for sale in the Administrative Capital.

This neighborhood is designed in a detailed geometric way like never before. You will find all the commercial centers in the New Capital or companies in the same field in one area. For example, you will find an area for furniture stores only, an area for jewelry and gold stores.

What are the main neighborhoods in the Downtown area?

It includes the hotel-tourist district, which covers an area of ​​138 acres.

This district contains hotel apartments and luxurious administrative and commercial towers.
In addition to the administrative district, it has an area of ​​27 acres
The promenade and shopping district, which contains commercial malls and multiple areas for picnics
Heritage and Arts District, with an area of ​​117 acres

What are the institutions located in the downtown area of ​​the new capital?

The Downtown area includes 4 important institutions such as:
Pharmaceutical companies area
And the oil companies area
insurance companies
And the area of ​​electronics, technology and computer companies

Get to know with us about the features and services of the Downtown area in the new capital

The Downtown area contains the eastern and western gardens

In addition to that, there is a mosque in Egypt, which is the second largest mosque after Al-Fattah Al-Alim, with an area of ​​68 acres

Medical clinics at the highest level

In addition, the gold market

What types of units are available in the Downtown area in the New Capital?

One of the most important features of the Downtown area is that it is an integrated investment area that includes administrative units, hotel apartments, medical and commercial units.

Who is Eight Real Estate Development and its previous projects?

Eight developments new capital

is one of the best companies in the Egyptian real estate market. The company has great experience in real estate and has worked on many distinguished projects, developing more than 52 projects. It was also established in 2017 by the engineer Omar El-Saadawi, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eight Real Estate Investment Company, which has 5 years of experience, and although it is a small period for the real estate giant in the Egyptian market, it has proven its efficiency and put its name among them in a very record time.

Eight Real Estate also invested in the new administrative capital after seeing the state’s recent orientation to it to keep pace with the urban development around the world, which made the Eight company put in its project in the capital about 600 million pounds, and this is the amount of investment proposed in the project.

Among the most important projects of the company are:

  • Down Town Mall 1
  • Down Town Mall 2
  • 88 Hub Mall project in the new capital
  • Central Point Mall

The Location and design of the strip mall by Eight Developments:

Now, eight development company is offering the largest strip mall on Central Park directly, in new capital city

Via 3 malls attached with each other:

  • Central point mall
  • 88 hub mall
  • The Strip mall, and this is the company’s fifth project

Project space area:

The strip mall is the largest project of the company and space is 7,200 meter, this project on 3 sides and this is what makes the project has none back unit

The first: directly on Central Park, and the first building will be in front of it by 240 meters

Second: On a 30-meter-wide corridor

The third: a main street with a width of 75 meters

The strip mall is (ground and 12 floor) also it includes 4 underground basement

  • Ground floor will be Retail – Food and beverage
  • A large food court in first and second floor
  • The Admin offices from 3 to 12 floor
Facilities and Advantages of The strip mall:
  • 4 Underground parking
  • 4 entrances to ensure and ease of accessibility (and an entrance for administrative floors.
  • Double height entrances 8m high by 8m wide
  • 6 elevators according to TIS (traffic impact study ) for the project
  • Food Court in the strip mall project alone divided into two floors with an area of 4318 meters (Food Court in the project in general with an area of 5710 meters)
  • Designing the mall and choosing that the building be on two buildings connected to Glass Bridges
  • Archplan company, general project consultant

Starting area and all you want to know about the spaces inside this tower:

Commercial units starts from 35 meter

Administrative unit starts from 34 meter

The strip mall new capital starting price:
  • Ground floor: – 100,000 up to 150,000 per meter
  • First floor: – 90,000 up to 120,000 per meter
  • Second floor: – 70,000 up to 90,000 per meter


Starting from 34,500 up to 52,000 per meter

The Payment plan:

  • 5% down payment and the rest over 9 years
  • 10% down payment and the rest over 11 years
  • 15% down payment and the rest over 13 years
  • 20% down payment and the rest over 15 years

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