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Mountain View New Cairo Projects

Mountain view new cairo

Mountain View New Cairo

Mountain View New Cairo projects are unparalleled in terms of international quality and invaluable value because you will live a different life full of luxury, comfort, privacy and tranquility.

Brief about Mountain View Egypt:

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the series of Mountain View projects in New Cairo, and Mountain View is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

Dar Al-Mimar Mountain View is one of the major companies consisting of 1000 officials, many specialists from engineers, and the company’s employees to form a large network of the most talented in the field of real estate development, and this is what makes the Dar Al-Mimar Mountain View group of companies one of the leading and distinguished companies.

It is also one of the companies whose projects are characterized by a special character characterized by sophistication, luxury, and the presence of picturesque landscapes in large areas.

Mountain View is one of the real estate development companies that follow international quality standards in all its projects, and it competes strongly with the largest real estate companies at the local and international levels – It also cooperates with the largest engineering companies and the largest architectural designers, and the company has a group of the largest consultants to provide the best innovative ideas and proposals that help enhance the company’s capabilities to provide its best.

Therefore, the projects of Mountain View Real Estate Company are considered the most distinguished in terms of the international and elegant design of residential units, landscaping, and the use of the latest international technologies.

Also Mountain View Egypt projects have no equal in terms of international quality, and their invaluable value because you will live a different life full of luxury, comfort, privacy, and tranquility.

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The Residential projects in New Cairo by Mountain View Egypt


Mountain view 1 Compound



Location of Mountain View 1:

The real estate developer chose the location of Mountain View 1 in a privileged place – The project is located specifically in the Fifth Settlement area, which is characterized by its proximity to many important areas, roads, main axes, government departments, schools and universities, the most important of which are:

  • Mountain View 1 is located near both the Ring Road and the Suez Road, which makes it easily accessible.
  • It is 15 minutes away from the American University.

Space area of the compound:

Mountain View 1 was established on an area of 37 acres, equivalent to 153,000 square meters. Landscapes and water bodies occupy the largest percentage of the compound, while the remaining small percentage, estimated at about 70,000 square meters, is occupied by state-of-the-art residential units such as apartments, palaces, and standalone villas with integrated services.

Unit types:

  • Apartments
  • Townhouse
  • Twin house
  • I villas

Mountain View 1 Facilities:

  • Landscapes of the vast areas of the residential complex
  • Security system and guard all over the compound
  • Artificial lakes
  • State of the art swimming pools different in shapes suitable for all ages


Mountain View 1 Extension



Location of Mountain View 1 Extension:

Mountain View Extension 1 is an extension of the Mountain View 1 Compound in New Cairo It is located next to Mountain View 1, Fifth Settlement

  • 3 minutes from Suez Road
  • And only 10 minutes from the AUC

Space area of the compound:

Mountain View Extension 1, Fifth Settlement, extends over a large area of about 130 acres.

The largest part of the space is dedicated to recreational services, water bodies, and landscapes. With allocating the least space for buildings, facilities, and residential units, which include wonderful models of private villas and luxury i-villas.

Unit types:

  • Apartment
  • I Villa
  • Townhouse
  • Standalone villas

Mountain View 1 extension Facilities:

  • Safe tracks for walking, running and cycling.
  • A distinguished group of the most famous international restaurants and cafes.
  • A huge commercial mall that includes shops and stores that offer goods of international brands.
  • Large supermarket providing all kinds of consumer goods.
  • Mountain View Extension 1 New Cairo includes a children’s entertainment area, which includes safe and varied games.
  • Covered secure garages to protect and maintain cars.
  • Club House includes a lot of recreational activities.
  • Pharmacies, clinics and a lot of medical and treatment services.
  • Nurseries for children and educational services for all ages.
  • A social club that includes cultural and recreational activities that bring together residents of all age groups.


Mountain View 2 Golden Square:

mountain view 2 compound


Location of Mountain View 2:

The most important characteristic of the Mountain View 2 project is the strategic location chosen by the owner company, as it is located in the heart of New Cairo in its most prestigious areas in the Fifth Settlement, as it is close to many main streets and vital cities, and we will learn about them as follows:

  • It is only 5 minutes away from the American College.
  • Mountain View 2 is located at a very small distance from the New Administrative Capital, about 15 minutes.

Space area of the compound:

Mountain View 2 Compound, Fifth Settlement, was built on an area of 153,000 square meters, the largest part of which is dedicated to green spaces, gardens, landscaping, and water bodies. The residential buildings occupy an area of 75,016,000 square meters of the project area.

Unit types:

  • I Villas
  • Townhouse
  • Twin house
  • Standalone Villas

Mountain View 2 New Cairo Facilities:

  • A complete infrastructure that provides gas, electricity, internet, water and sewage networks.
  • Green spaces and landscapes on a large area.
  • Gardens and parks with places for barbecues and family parties.
  • Crystal artificial lakes.
  • There are swimming pools in the Mountain View 2 compound.
  • Garages and private parking.
  • Areas, malls and shops.
  • The Food Court area includes international restaurants and cafes.
  • Medical centers and clinics.
  • Pharmacies working all day.
  • Great mosque.
  • water fountains
  • Mountain View 2 includes social clubs.


Mountain View Executive New Cairo

mountain view executive


Location of Mountain View Executive New Cairo:

Mountain View Executive Residence Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in Kattameya, specifically nears to AUC in front of Teseen Street, and its location has the following advantages:

  • A vital location close to residential, commercial and entertainment projects.
  • The distance between Mountain View Executive New Cairo and the Ring Road is 14 km.

Space area of the compound:

The Mountain View executive project area is about 20 acres, or about 82,700 square meters.

Green spaces account for 50% of this area

Unit types:

  • Apartments
  • I-villas

Mountain View Executive New Cairo Facilities:

  • Project includes sports courts and social clubs.
  • Medical centers and clinics.
  • Health club.
  • Mountain View Executive New Cairo includes a gym and spa.
  • Children’s entertainment places.
  • Security guard around the clock.
  • International schools and nurseries.
  • Modern surveillance cameras.


Mountain view Hyde Park

mountain view hyde park


Location of Mountain view Hyde Park:

The company that developed the project chose a very distinct building site, to provide the ideal life that many people are looking for to enjoy calm, relaxation and integrated services. Mountain View Hyde Park Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement within the New Cairo area, specifically the Fifth Settlement on Teseen Street.

  • The compound is only 15 minutes from the Field Marshal Tantawy Axis,
  • 3 minutes from the Ring Road, and 5 minutes from the American University.

Space area of the compound:

Mountain View Hyde Park Compound, Fifth Settlement, is one of the most prestigious residential compounds in Egypt, and the project gained great fame shortly after its launch. The compound is located on an area of 200 acres.

Unit types:

  • Apartments
  • I Villas
  • Townhouse
  • Twin House
  • Standalone Villa

Mountain View Hyde Park Facilities:

  • International schools for children and adults inside Mountain View Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement.
  • lagoons and artificial waterfalls give a touch of natural beauty to the Mountain View Fifth Settlement project.
  • An advanced security system that includes surveillance cameras that secure the entire Hyde Park Mountain View compound.
  • Recreational areas for adults and children, and cinemas.
  • Areas for barbecues, exhibitions and seminars.
  • Large track for walking and cycling off the beaten path.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes built at the highest levels of purity.
  • Open gardens and landscapes surround all units to enjoy the scenic landscape.
  • Commercial areas that contain malls with the most famous international stores, restaurants and cafes.


Mountain View iCity New Cairo

Mountain view icity new cairo

Location of Mountain View iCity New Cairo:

The most important characteristic of the Mountain View i-City Compound, Fifth Settlement, is that it is on the Middle Ring Road, and the road work has now been completed. The Mountain View i-City Compound is about 3 minutes from Suez Road and 4 minutes between Sokhna Road, specifically located in the heart of New Cairo, and it is a very special place that is easily accessible. Easily access it from anywhere you want.

Space area of the compound:

The area of ​​the Mountain View i-City compound is 500 acres, and it is expected that 50,000 people will live in it. The Mountain View i-City Compound, Fifth Settlement, is distinguished by its unique and distinguished location in Cairo.

  • It consists of four different levels, in addition to the presence of the corniche designated for pedestrians, which connects the entire Mountain View iCity compound to each other.

Unit types:

  • Townhouse
  • Twin house
  • Standalone villa
  • I Villa
  • Apartments

Mountain View iCity New Cairo 1 Facilities:

  • security system and cameras
  • There are tennis courts for fans of this sport
  • Place designated for jogging and also cycling.
  • Also there is a kid’s area with a high security and monitoring systemThere are many places with green spaces and trees that exceed 80% of the total area of the Mountain View iCity compound.
  • Manny restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls that provide a high level of high-end service suitable for all people.
  • There are places that provide basic services and commodities that anyone needs within Mountain View New Cairo.
  • There are many swimming pools available, with a wonderful design, in a way that gives the beauty of the Mountain View iCity compound.
  • Mountain View iCity Compound includes medical clinics, nurseries, pharmacies, international schools, and a large administrative building.
  • Landscapes with large areas

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