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Obsidier Tower New Capital l Dubai Developments

اوبسيدير تاور ​​العاصمة الجديدة

Obsidier Tower New Capital l Dubai Developments

Who is Dubai Developments?

Mall Obsidier Tower New Capital is not the first project implemented by Dubai Real Estate Development Company in the Downtown area of the Administrative Capital, as it entered the new capital for the first time through the Capital Dubai Mall project and succeeded in completing 90% of its construction.

It is one of the largest real estate companies offering distinctive and well-defined projects. Your business is what people talk about. It also owns Capital Dubai Mall project, which has been a huge success since it was announced. As a result, the company announced another project in the new capital, the Obsidier Tower mall. Dubai Real Estate Investment Company was established in 1997 to become a leader in real estate development and achieve outstanding success in providing high quality residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company owns a wide range of properties in strategic locations in many countries eventually, they returns to Egypt to present us with major projects and begins his work in Egypt, in the Administrative Capital. The Dubai Real Estate Development Company owns Abdel Fattah Al Murr.

Dubai Dev has landed its first project in the administrative capital and it was capital Dubai mall, with a construction rate of 50%. The company also has more than 23 years of experience in the field of contracting and real estate in Damietta. Since then, the company has continued to grow and become a major player in the investment industry. Through its investment business, Dubai Developments helps empower local communities to achieve positive growth at all levels

Previous work of Dubai Real Estate Company:

Obsidier Tower New Capital

اوبسيدير تاور ​​العاصمة الجديدة

The location of Obsidier tower:

Obsidier Tower New Capital

Mall Obsidier Tower project is located in the most distinguished places in the New Capital City, in the first row tourist towers area. It also has a direct view of the Green River and the North Bin Zayed Axis.

  • In addition, it enjoys a very special location on two corners between Pyramids Tower and Tower 31 North. Tower.
  • It is 5 minutes from the Capital Mosque and the Cathedral.
  • Close to Al Masa Hotel, one of the liveliest places in the capital.
  • It is located near the Republican Palace.
  • It is a short distance from the iconic tower.

Project space area:

Obsidier Tower New Capital located in a huge and spacious area, while the project will be divided in a distinctive and well-organized way, where the land area is about 13,500 square meters, the project consists of 3 towers attached to each other, which consists of a ground floor and 25 floors Divided between (commercial and administrative), and the space is also divided into a commercial building with an area of ​​45% of the total land area of ​​about 6000 meters, G+2 stores can be found 35 meters away. As the area of ​​the administrative building is 18%, which is approximately 2,300 meters of the land area, which is located on the third floor and the office space starts from 50 square meters.

Unit types inside the Obsidier mall:

  • Commercial (RETIAL)
  • Admin
  • Clinics


The engineering consultant for the Obsidier Tower project.

Mohamed Talaat

While the developer of the Mall hired a variety of experts and consultants to design and develop the project to make it a unique creative design. For this reason, Dubai Developments chose the engineer, Mohamed Talaat, who has designed more than 700 successful projects, including the interior design of the Mosque of Egypt, the Mazloum Group, The Walk, Kattameya Dunes and the Baron Complex.

After the company that owns the Obsidier Tower New Capital achieved great success with the management capital, it used it in the project designs. The company also worked with one of the companies specializing in management and operations, Business Concierge Paris. While she worked on operating and developing the commercial sector in the Obsider Tower Mall, the new administrative capital for a 235 mission company.

Facilities inside the project:

  1. Multiple gates and electronic entrances.
  2. Plaza about 400 meter
  3. A Huge area for a hyper market
  4. Central air-conditioning.
  5. The latest firefighting system.
  6. There are also toilets in each floor of the mall.
  7. Meeting and conference rooms.
  8. There are a number of generators that operate automatically when the power is cut off.
  9. We also provide a reception service, periodic maintenance and sterilization that works throughout the day.
  10. Private garage for cars. – 5 Basments
  11. The mall also has the latest surveillance cameras inside and outside the mall.
  12. There is also 24-hour security and guarding.

Starting area and Price:

Obsidier Tower New Capital

Commercial Units

Average area from: 37m – 160m starting Price per meter is 112,000 up to 253,000

Admin Units

(Fully finished AC & toilet)

Area starts from 63m up to 143 meter and its price per meter: 56,000 – 70,000


(Fully finished AC & toilet)

For the clinics the space area starts from 65m to 108m – Price 54,000 – 67,000 per meter

Obsidier tower new capital payment plans:

Down payment 10% and the rest installments over 7 years

15% down payment with installments over 8 years

Delivery date:


For reservations You can inquire prices and communicate by calling 01200027090 Or via WhatsApp

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