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Midtown Condo New Capital | Better Home Development

All you need to know about the developer company:

Better Business Real Estate Development Company is executing the Midtown Condo project, the new administrative capital, and provided it with all its expertise and offered exclusive services and advantages that are not counted until the first goal of establishing the project is the comfort and distinction of all customers and providing them with all means of pleasure and not needing them to leave their own place under any circumstances.

Better Home is one of the largest real estate investment companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

It established in 1998 and is one of the oldest real estate companies in the Egyptian market. To provide the best services, activities and amenities through its projects until it became one of the largest real estate companies in 2003 by raising the level of project production.

Also Better Home Developments, is the best group in terms of lifestyle, it is a number of companies that are specialized in either building or operating facilities that provide the best and best way of living.

It contributes to highlighting the ancient architectural elegance that is well-established, with some touches of practicality and modernity, and it contains a group of specialized companies, each of which has its own individual and prestigious projects.

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Who is the owner of Better Home?

Better Home was founded by Eng. Sherif Adly with the assistance of Eng. Essam Adel.

The previous work of Better Home Company

The company completed a huge number of real estate projects with the help of a group of real estate investment companies affiliated to the company, such as:

  • Midtown Solo
  • Midtown Mall
  • Midtown New Cairo Compound
  • Midtown Sky
  • Cairo Business park

Midtown Condo New Capital City

Midtown Condo New Capital

Location of Midtown Condo new capital:

The strategic location considered one of the most important elements of distinguishing any residential complex, so the real estate developer was keen to implement the Compound Midtown Condo, the Administrative Capital, in one of the most distinguished locations of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7.

The seventh residential area, R7, is the most important and vital area within the New Administrative Capital, as it has many advantages that all residents of the Administrative Capital are looking for,

such as the close distances from the most important neighborhoods of the Administrative Capital and the distinctive views of the Green River.

Space area of the compound:

Midtown Condo Compound, the administrative capital, is built on an area of 60 acres, where the percentage of construction in the project is about 20%, and the rest is occupied by the largest amount of green spaces and an integrated area for services and recreational activities that meet all the needs of the project.

Unit Types:



Midtown Condo New Capital

The Midtown Condo New Administrative Capital has many distinctive services that make it one of the largest residential projects

located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and these services include the following:

  1. A health club that includes all activities, including a gym, spa, and various sports fields
  2. Different areas for children to play with their families, play the games they prefer, and spend the best time with their friends
  3. International restaurants and cafes that offer the best and most delicious food and drinks at the highest level of sophistication, urbanization and satisfaction of all customers
  4. An integrated commercial area that includes the largest number of commercial malls that contain all famous international brands and brands that suit all tastes.
  5. Security and guarding throughout the day to secure the entire compound, equipped with the best and latest security devices

Areas for the apartments:

Midtown Condo New Capital

2 Bedrooms Apartment:

 Starting area from 115 meter up to 130 square meter with 105m garden

3 Bedrooms

Area starts from 160m to 300 meter – with 125 meter garden

Starting Price :

Apartment 2Bedrooms: 2,630,086 Up to 2,990,072

Apartment 3Bedrooms: 2,535,750 Up to 5,867,695

Full Details : Level Business Tower

Payment Plan:

10% DP over 6years Equal Installment



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