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Suli Golf New Capital – UC Developments

Suli golf new capital

Suli Golf New Capital

Suli golf New Capital is the newest and first residential project by Uc Developments in the New Capital City

The first golf in the new administrative capital

First compound in new capital city with golf area and pools all over the compound we have all facilities your client search for with good location in R8 

After the continuous success achieved by UC Real Estate Development Company in its previous distinguished project in the New Administrative Capital, the company decided to launch its first residential project in the R8 area and a market. the compound will be built on an area of ​​26 acres, equivalent to 105,000 square meters, and these spaces will include a variety between apartments and duplexes.

Soly Golf Residence Administrative Capital

To contact the Soli Golf Compound team in the Administrative Capital 01200027090 or contact us on WhatsApp through WhatsApp

Location of Suli Golf Residence:

The compound located in the heart of the R8 area in the new capital city

  • Compound in front of the largest university in R8, And in front of the largest hotel in this area

Facilities of the golf compound:

  • 3 Main gates for entry and exit for Suli golf
  • Parking
  • A circular road inside the project
  • Also includes a huge mall at the highest level
  • Gym and sports area includes several pitches for tennis, football and social activities
    And swimming pools
  • For the first time in the new capital city In all residential projects 80% of the compound *Golf * With international specifications and golf cars
  • Landscapes
  • 8 swimming pools inside the compound
  • kids area
  • All buildings views in Water feature landscape

Unit types and areas inside:

Apartments only 

From 1 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms – area from 155 meter up to 337 meter

Price per meter:

Prices start from 9,500 up to 13,000 per meter

Suli golf new capital

All you want to know about R8 Residential District?

The eighth district R8 in the administrative capital is one of the most important areas that attention is drawn to it at the present time, because it is very suitable for long-term real estate investment, and the administrative capital is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, starting with the first residential district and ending with the eighth district. which is one of the best investment opportunities in 2021 is to invest in these projects, and the area of ​​these is about 2500 acres. The district is one of the famous neighborhoods where many high-end compounds and hotels are located,

  • R8 contains 2 gyms, a club with an area of ​​73 acres, and another club located on an area of ​​35.5 acres.
  • The neighborhood contains large green spaces with an area of ​​approximately 40,000 acres

Who is UC Developments and its previous work?

UC developments is an investment entity that was established through an alliance and merger of a number of real estate expertise working in the field of real estate investment, engineering, architectural, marketing consulting. and project management in the Egyptian market spanning more than 20 years and owns more than 70 real estate projects in many areas such as Heliopolis, New Cairo and 6th of October. Also Uc developments are one of the remarkable entities in Egypt within the construction and investment field, with a wide scoop of projects including residential, commercial, and administrative units.

The developer company never fails to be on top. they developed a variety of projects, from residential to commercial to administrative. One thing they all have in common is that they’re all executed with the highest quality and are exceptional by international standards.

UC Real Estate Development has established a group of the most prominent experts and consultants in all fields of investment, planning and real estate development:-

  • Engineer / Mohamed Taher
  • Sameh Awwad
  • Ahmed Sameh

The Developer Company always cooperates with Hani Saad Company as an engineering consultant for most of its projects

Previous projects by UC Development :

UC is distinguished by its many successful commercial and real estate business, and among the most successful and important of these projects are:

  • Commercial projects in 6th of October City
  • Uni Tower 1
  • Residential projects in Heliopolis
  • Residential and commercial projects in New Cairo
  • East Tower New Capital
  • Uni Tower 2

To Know More Detials About prices of UC Developments click here or call us 01200027090