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Tycoon Tower New Capital l Nile Developments

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower New Capital, is the highest hotel summit in Africa. It was recently launched by the developer company as the latest phase of the Nile Business City project, the new administrative capital, which the company launched majestically in a special event attended by many interested in this new edifice, during which all the details related to it were monitored from The types of available hotel units, their various prices, as well as the different payment systems, and the exclusive discounts granted by the company to its customers who will book their hotel units in Tycoon Tower.

Tycoon Tower New Capital

All the information you need to know about Nile developments:

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Nile Development is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt,

it started its activities since 2002 in the city of Mansoura until its headquarters moved to New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement area in 2016.

During those years, the Nile Company achieved many great achievements in the field of real estate development in Egypt, as the company developed, since its inception, about 160 separate projects all over Egypt, until the company became one of the pioneers of building and construction with a huge financial cloak that enabled it to invest in the most prominent development projects. In Egypt in the current period in the new administrative capital.

The Nile Real Estate Company has pumped huge amounts of investment to implement its mega projects in this new entity, as its total investments in the New Capital amounted to approximately 290 billion Egyptian pounds.

The Owner of Nile Business City:

The Board of Directors of The Nile Company is chaired by Eng. Mohamed Taher, one of the most prominent figures in the real estate development industry in Egypt, who is known for his innovative tendencies in all the projects he undertakes.

Previous work of the Nile Company

Since the company has implemented many successful projects all over Egypt, we list for you below some of those successful projects from the company’s previous work.

  • 31 North in the new administrative capital.
  • Nile Business City project (the highest vertical city in Egypt and Africa).
  • Extensive development works in the Beit Al Watan area in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Development work in the Lotus project.

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower New Capital

In this article, we show you all the details of this new and distinctive phase of the Nile Business City project, the new administrative capital, and some information about the company developing the project, and the most important investment advantages that you will return from your investment in this new edifice, Tycoon Tower.

Location of Tycoon tower new capital:

The third highest skyscraper in Africa, and the second highest peak in Egypt after the iconic tower in the New Administrative Capital, and the developer company distinguished the project with many advantages that qualified Nile Business City to be one of the best projects implemented in Egypt and in the New Administrative Capital in particular.

Among those advantages that the project enjoyed is its unique and unique location that is not comparable to any other project in the New Capital,

as it is located in the middle of the center of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the heart and center of the Down Town area, the most prominent and important area in the New Administrative Capital.

Project space area:

Tycoon Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower is located within the Nile Business City project , which is built on an area of 7.8 acres in the tourist towers strip in the New Capital, where it stands out among the rest of the neighboring projects, due to its huge height, which rises 233 meters above the ground.

The highest hotel peak in the world, Tycoon Tower, the administrative capital, has a distinctive facade of 98 meters. It is managed by one of the most prominent hotel management companies that operates more than 150 5-star hotel branches around the world.

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* Guaranteed investment opportunity in the highest hotel in Africa, operated and managed by Grand Millennium International *


Information about the international hotel chain Millennium

  • More than 150 hotels around the world
  • It is located in more than 80 cities, one of the most important cities in the world
  • Responsible for operating more than 000 hotel rooms around the world
  • More than 30 hotel booking site that promotes Millennium Hotels Online (Booking- Trip Adivsor,etc)

And for the first time in Africa and Egypt, with the Nile Company, to operate the highest hotel in Africa, Tycoon Tower, with a category of 5 starts hotel

Tycoon Tower New Capital

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The types inside the hotel:

  • Studio
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Penthouse

Facilities of Tycoon tower new capital:

  • Hotel service at the highest level provided by one of the most prominent hotel management companies, which manages 150 hotels around the world.
  • High-speed elevators to easily move around the hotel.
  • Various swimming pools suitable for all age groups.
  • Central air conditioning for all hotel units in Tycoon Tower.
  • High speed internet.
  • Cinemas to present the latest Arab and international films.
  • Luxurious restaurants operating throughout the day to serve delicious local and international dishes.
  • Equipped meeting rooms dedicated to managing various businesses.
  • Electric generators for the hotel to ensure the continuity of lighting and the work of all devices without interruption.
  • Security service at the highest level 24 hours a day.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras to monitor the Tycoon Hotel and provide the highest levels of security.

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Tycoon Tower New Capital


The Nile Company provides its clients, through the various ownership systems that it offers in Tycoon Tower,

with prices that suit the different segments of its customers, which start from 2,475,000 EGP. Unit’s prices in Tycoon Tower can be classified as follows:

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Tycoon Tower New Capital

For reservations You can inquire prices and communicate by calling 01200027090 Or via WhatsApp

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